Willie Hooks

Willie C. Hooks is the CEO of JTE Associates, a Performance Coaching and Organizational Development Consulting Company.  Previous to his current work, Mr. Hooks held a lengthy tenure as vice president in major high technology corporations on both the east and west coasts.

Mr. Hooks is a Master Coach, who trains, develops and certifies qualified individuals to become performance coaches.  He is an acknowledged pioneer in developing effective personal and business coaching methodology, tools and techniques, all of which have a reliable and tested psychological foundation supporting increased results in breakthrough performance coaching.  Mr. Hooks has built his coaching program on the foundation of his highly recognized expertise in practical application for personal effectiveness, business effectiveness, inner game, and the Law of Attraction, all of which are at the heart of the Million Dollar Coaching program.

Mr. Hooks is also sought after as a highly successful mentor, coach and consultant to many large companies, including several high level executives hailing from the Fortune 500.  His “yoda” like style, deliberate wording and articulation and heartfelt concern for his clients never fails to encourage and empower.  He has brought a higher dimension to coaching through his time-tested coaching tools such as the Business Mastery Program, Business Performance Wheel, Goal Setting Mandela and powerful “wisdom bites” expressed through his unique sayings and proverb-like distinctions.  One of his more famous quotes includes: “When all is said and done, more will be said than done!”  This is his call to action over talk.

Mr. Hooks has coached hundreds of clients over a span of more than 25 years of dedicated service.  As a result of his coaching, his clients have made millions of dollars that they would not have achieved otherwise on their own.  Beyond the impressive financial results, many of Mr. Hooks’ clients have reported making significant, positive changes in their lives as well.

Mr. Hooks is an author, having written several books to date, and a highly regarded speaker in the fields of self-development, personal effectiveness and business management.  When speaking, Mr. Hooks commands the room whether he is leading a workshop packed with clients or engaging a small group in a coaching session.  His Zen-like calm and his soft-spoken strength pull you in and then, when he speaks his powerful wisdom just blows your mind.

Mr. Hooks has created numerous audio programs on business effectiveness, personal effectiveness and on the inner game challenges, which most often block an individual’s ability to achieve their goals and realize more of their true potential.  His audio programs are chalk full of illuminating explanations, examples, tips, techniques and practices to create meaningful and transformational change.

Mr. Hooks holds a Masters of Business Degree (MBA) in Strategy formation from the University of Pittsburgh.  While highly educated by formal degree standards, he is by all accounts self-taught through years of dedicated self-study, practice and cultivating mastery in all that he teaches.